Exam Results

Congratulations to the Fram Class of 2023!  You have had to show real grit and determination throughout your high school journey and your efforts have paid off.   Everyone who is part of the Fram community is extremely proud of you.  Your results today are due to your hard work and determination. 

These examination results have so many moments to celebrate including progress and attainment. Congratulations to those receiving the top grades – 73 top Grade 9s have been awarded to this cohort!   

To everyone who has supported our young people from family members to school staff and external agencies a big thank you. 

We wish you all every success in the future and thank you all for continually believing that ‘Anything’s Possible’!

Mrs Arnold, Headteacher

Unhappy with your GCSE grade? 

If you are unhappy with a GCSE grade and wish to query it there are a variety of options available to you. But please note no service offers a re-mark, only a review of marking.  Please complete the following Post Results Form, which provides details on the services on offer and how to access them, and return it to Mrs Eke, Examinations Officer, at FEHS together with the appropriate payment.  Thank you.

GCSE Post Results Form Summer 2023

JCQ Post Results Services 

Framingham Earl High School - GOV.UK - Find and compare schools in England (compare-school-performance.service.gov.uk)

English and Maths
  Grade 4 and above Grade 5 and above
2022 (unvalidated) 83% 62%
2021 (TAGs) 79% 61%
2020 (TAGs) 78% 57%
2019 75% 55%
2018 77% 53%
2017 82% 57%


Progress 8
2022 (unvalidated) 0.48
2019 0.26
2018 -0.05
2017 0.2


Attainment 8
2022 (unvalidated) 59.96
2019 52.6
2018 50.9
2017 52.6


% EBacc
2022 (unvalidated) 44%
2019 47%
2018 55%
2017 53%


% Staying in Post-16 Education
2020 information awaited
2019 99%
2018 97%
2017 96%


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