Curriculum Overview

Our Curriculum

Framingham Earl High School is committed to a world class education for all our students.The curriculum reflects this intention and is dynamic in its content, responding to the needs of our community and changes in the world around us.

As a school community we are committed to engaging with research and adapting our pedagogy to support the best outcomes for all our young people.

Our curriculum is what we plan for students to learn while they are in our school. This includes all that occurs inside and outside the classroom. The curriculum is designed to recognise student’s prior learning, future needs and at times we make adaptations to cater for student’s individual needs.

A child’s experience of the curriculum at Framingham Earl High School enables them to flourish. We are proud of our offer; it is broad, ambitious, stimulating, fulfilling, enjoyable and imbued with moral purpose. Our curriculum is built around a three-year Key Stage Three which ensures all students have a depth of understanding of a wide range of subjects including Languages, Creative Arts, PE, Technology, History, Geography, RPE and PSHE. As students move into Key Stage Four they all continue to pursue Triple Science, English, Maths and Citizenship to examination level, PE and PSHE as non-examined subjects and then select up to three other subject to study as GCSE qualifications. A small number of students take just two further options as GCSE qualifications and instead follow the Core+ programme which includes extra Maths, English, Science and the Prince’s Trust Achieve Club.

As far as possible our individual subject curriculums seek to follow the National Curriculum and are adapted to reflect national changes. Each department plans their curriculum carefully to ensure a range of knowledge and skills are explored.  Our aim is to ensure that students grasp the purpose of content studied in the classroom and have a clear sense of direction to their learning through their five years at the School.

In providing a world class education our curriculum provides students with the knowledge, skills and understanding that allows them to be active global citizens. We aim for students to not only attain the best educational qualifications for their next steps, but to have the knowledge and skills to make sense of the world around them and contribute positively. 


Our School values underpin our curriculum 

Enjoy and achieve

Our learners make positive progress academically due to a love of learning that is created through an ambitious curriculum, expert teachers and supportive staff guiding them through their high school journey. Our curriculum extends beyond taught lessons and incorporates visiting speakers, field trips, competitions, clubs and societies.  Throughout the five years at our school, students will have a range of encounters with employers and post-16 providers. Our aim is to ensure students understand the relevance of their learning and can make links to both further study and real-world contexts.


Be Creative

Framingham Earl High School values a curriculum which encourages creativity in learning. We retain a broad curriculum, embracing the Creative Arts.  All students study Art, Textiles, Product Design, Food and Nutrition, Dance, Drama and Music throughout Key Stage Three and these are all GCSE options. 


Respect Each Other

Our curriculum is designed to promote equality and diversity, and continually evaluated to ensure it reflects not just our school community but the national and international make-up of the modern world. We challenge discrimination of any type and educate students with the support of external agencies if required. Opportunities to promote an understanding of protected characteristics and discrimination are planned throughout our curriculum. In addition, our curriculum is designed for all students, considering all levels of prior attainment, educational need, and disability. We are proud of the way our curriculum seeks to broaden understanding of the local area, whilst introducing students to the world beyond Norfolk and their own experience.

Be Heard

Our curriculum reflects our commitment to democracy. All students study a full course GCSE in Citizenship which begins in Year 9 and this course includes a requirement for a social action project. Our curriculum, where possible, is developed and reviewed in collaboration with our students. There is a wide range of opportunities for students throughout their time at the school to be heard and shape the decisions made in the school.


Be Positive

Students are educated and enabled to make positive life choices via our curriculum offer. PSHE is a timetabled subject taught by specialists to all year groups and engaging with a wide range of topics to support development of skills for life. Students are enabled to live active lifestyles with two hours of core PE through to Year 11, as well as many sports clubs and team opportunities for all. The school has a full tutor programme which includes whole year group assemblies to support key messages around local, national and global issues to help our children understand themselves, others and influence positive change in the world they are growing up in.


Please contact Mr D Keates to discuss Curriculum further:

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