At Framingham Earl High School we are working with Modeshift Stars Education and A2Better to support our community with safe active travel to school. 

Our school Travel Plan that can be found here:

Framingham Earl High School Travel Plan 2023



However your children are coming to school we recommend that you complete the route together prior to them completing the journey independently. 

Information on School Buses:

Norfolk County Council Transport Department facilitates our School Bus service.

All applications are assessed against the criteria set in the County Council’s 

Home to School Transport Policy

In accordance with Norfolk County Council’s General Transport Policy, students will be entitled to free school transport, if they:

  • Are of compulsory school age (5 to 16-years-old) on 1 September
  • Attend the nearest catchment school or the nearest appropriate school with a place as designated by Children’s Services
  • Live more than 3 miles walking distance from school when aged 8 or over

The County Council also provides transport for children who are unable to walk to school due to mobility problems or a severe medical condition, unless they live close enough to school to be able to make their own way, using a wheelchair or suitable alternative.

  • School Buses for new Year 7s on transfer to High School

Students joining Fram in Year 7, if eligible, will automatically receive their bus pass and timetable direct from the transport department during the summer holidays prior to starting in Year 7.  School buses are not provided for our transition days in the Summer term.

  • School Buses for In-Year Admissions

Any student joining Framingham Earl High School as an In-Year Admission must apply for a pass directly with Norfolk Transport Department.

For the most up-to-date information, Norfolk County Council have a comprehensive section on their website regarding Home to School transport.  In this section, you can check your eligibility for free transport, apply for a school pass and check the service bus timetables. Click here to access this information

Alternatively you can contact them on 03448 008 020.

Information on Cycling to school:

Cycling to school is an excellent way to start the day.  As a school we have a wide range of facilities for cyclists including free bike lights, free reflective strips, a bike repair and maintenance station and covered bike sheds with CCTV.  Our school is well served with cycle lanes and routes to support safe cycling. 

Students cycling to school must use the appropriate cycle paths and be mindful of pedestrians.  We recommend that students complete Bikeability Level 3 to support their knowledge of safe cycling and the highway code.  Bikeability | Cycle training for everyone delivering better and safer trainingBikeability Level 1 to 3 is offered via Primary schools, private deliverers and ourselves.  Bikeability Courses – Little Riders UK 

Parents/carers must ensure that cycles are in good working order with the appropriate safety lights.  Students should wear helmets and Hi-Viz clothing as well as bring a lock for their bike.  Students who do not wear helmets will be spoken to by staff and a letter will be sent home outlining why they are important to wear.   

The school offers Dr Bike sessions throughout the year with Little Riders to allow free bike maintenance checks for all cycles brought into school.  In recent years we have also offered Bike Maintenance 4 week courses for young people. 

Information on drop-off by car:

To ensure the safety of our students and to allow easy access for the school buses, cars are not allowed on the school site (including the bus layby outside the school) between the following times 7.45am to 8.15am and 2.45pm to 3.15pm.

Parents/carers should find a suitable safe drop off/pick up point nearby.  In order to promote active travel we recommend that students are dropped off at Budgens or the Church and then walk the remainder of the route to school. 

As a school we encourage parents to look at Just Parks to find a safe driveway: Just Park

Please do not block our neighbours’ driveways if you are choosing to wait for your child in a residential area. 


Frequently Asked Questions:

What do I do if my child loses or damages their bus pass?

Replacement bus passes can be obtained directly from Norfolk Transport Department. Temporary bus passes can be issued by the school subject to approval from Norfolk Transport Department.  A temporary bus pass is only valid for 2 weeks from the date of issue.

Where do the school buses pick up from?

There are pick- ups from the following areas: Alpington, Bergh Apton, Bramerton, Brooke, Hellington, Kirby Bedon, Kirstead, Rockland St Mary, Shotesham, Stoke Holy Cross, Surlingham, Trowse and Whitlingham.

For Bergh Apton and Alpington, depending on where you live, your child may have a very long walk to where the bus picks up. Some parents drive their children to bus pick up point.

Students who live on Whitlingham Lane now get taxis, but those near the hospital walk to the main road to a bus pick up point.

How can I access free bike lights?

These are offered to students who bike to school and we notice they do not already have lights on their bike. 

If you feel that we have missed your child please send an email to


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