Reporting and Assessment


We believe that assessment supports each student in making academic progress and fosters the development of self-esteem and personal responsibility. It involves all staff, students and parents.

We expect and strive for our students to become independent learners and this means that they should be engaged with the assessment process as fully as possible.

Students at Fram will experience assessment in many different forms, from informal questioning in class to formal examinations taken in the exam hall. It follows therefore that feedback will vary as well, and students should expect to receive a mixture of verbal and written feedback on an ongoing basis.

Students should expect assessment and feedback from their teachers every time a substantial piece of work is completed. This might be, for example, a written homework task or an in-class assessment piece. Each department will identify which pieces of work are considered ‘substantial’.

It is likely that some assessment work will be kept in assessment folders in school for students to reflect upon and use in the future.

Where written feedback is given to students, they should expect to receive ‘Next Steps’ in their work, which identify short, immediate tasks that need completing, in a green pen, to directly improve the assessed work.

To find out more about our approach to assessment, please see the School’s Assessment Policy. 

Assessment Policy


On a termly basis, families will receive a report home through MCAS. This report will provide information on a number of things:

My Child At School

  • Prior attainment – we think this is important as it allows you to better understand what to expect from your child in the future and how we will set targets.
  • Expected attainment – this is a target attainment goal for each subject that links to your child’s prior attainment. We acknowledge that not all students are the same and as such, they should be aiming to achieve varying levels of attainment. 
  • Age-related expectations for each subject for this assessment – this tells you what your child has been learning and what is expected of a child of their age. It also tells you what they are being assessed against.
  • Attainment in assessment – this indicates your child’s level of attainment in this assessment relative to the expectation for all children of their age.
  • Progress this term – this indicates the rate of your child’s learning over the term.
  • Engagement with direct learning – this information will tell you how well your child is working in a school in terms of their classmates and lesson activities.
  • Engagement with independent learning – this tells you how well your child is approaching their work outside of school and whether they are managing themselves and their time appropriately.
  • Targets – your child will be set written targets indicating what they need to do to improve their progress and attainment.

Students at Fram will experience assessment in many different forms, from informal questioning in class to formal examinations taken in the exam hall. However, assessment and feedback is an integral part of every lesson as teachers are gauging student learning through ongoing assessment and adapting their teaching accordingly.

Students should expect written feedback from their teachers for a significant piece of assessed work. This will be at least three times in an academic year, sometimes more.

These reports are published staggered throughout the year in accordance with our School Calendar that can be found here


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