GCSE Options

Students in Year 9 face important decisions about which subjects they wish to specialise in and continue to study at GCSE. We understand that these are not easy decisions, so we do our best to support you along the way.

In Years 10 and 11, all students at Fram are required to study for GCSEs in English Language and Literature, Mathematics, at least 2 sciences (known as ‘Combined Science’) and Citizenship. They will also study Physical Exercise, Religious Education and Personal, Social and Health Education, although these are not examined.

Students will then select 4 other option subjects to study at GCSE. We have tried to offer as wide a choice as possible to engage all students.

The process of selecting these options is shown here:


Stage 1 - Information

All students will have started the process during their PSHE lessons where they will start to look at how to make the decision as to what subjects to study further. Students will be given the Options Booklet and/or information regarding the process and options available.  This will include information from each subject with regard to what the students will study and how they will be assessed.


Stage 2 – Application Process    

Each year we host our Year 9 Parents’ Consultation and Options Event.  Here you will have the opportunity to meet with the different departments and discuss courses in more detail. You will also be able to discuss with your teacher whether a certain course is appropriate for you to study.

Students will be given their option form at this event which will need to be completed and returned to the school by early February.


Stage 3 – Allocation of options

Once we have received all completed options forms, we will start to allocate students to their chosen subjects. We endeavour to give all students their first option choice.  Where this is not possible, we will contact you to discuss this further. Please note that any late submissions will be considered last.


Stage 4 – Confirmation of Option Choice

All students will receive confirmation of the subjects they will be studying at Key Stage 4.

Where can I find more information?

Current options information can be found here and a copy of the options form is available here. For more information on Careers Information, Advice and Guidance, please visit our Careers Area by visit:

I Can Be A

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