Duke of Edinburgh Award

The Bronze Duke of Edinburgh Award is completed in Year 9 during Activities Week.

Although students will be expected to complete some additional training during the school day in the weeks before this, much of the training will take place during Activities Week.

  • A local accompanied walk, teaching students how to navigate using maps and a compass
  • First aid training for their expedition
  • tents and using a Trangia

They then head out on their Qualifying Expedition from school on the Thursday and Friday for two days of unaccompanied walking.

Commitment is required as there are a few meetings/training sessions that need attending before Activities Week; this commitment is also required to complete the other sections of their award: Skills, Volunteering and Physical.

The D of E programme is great for all kinds of people, whether they have never camped or been on long walks before, or if they spend their weekends this way. Teamwork is the most significant focus; self-motivation and commitment follow closely, but once completed, they will undoubtedly feel a sense of personal achievement.

Taking a look at the D of E website is recommended if they feel this could be something for them: https://www.dofe.org/do/

**Places are limited and must be applied for

Number of awards achieved in 2019: 13 (30 in total began the award)

Number of awards achieved in 2020: 16 plus 3 Certificates of Achievements for those who did not complete the expedition (54 in total began the award)

Social Value Certificate June 2022

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