Framingham Earl High School requires all students to wear a school uniform. Our school uniform helps our pupils to feel part of our school community and has been chosen to be comfortable and appropriate for the activities pupils will undertake during the school day. All students are expected to present themselves well and in correct uniform at all times. All FEHS branded uniform can purchase either in-store or online from Birds of Dereham or online at M&S. 

In the Autumn of 2021, the government issued new guidance to schools on uniform. The aim of this guidance is to minimise the cost of uniform for parents through a reduction in school branded items, allowing parents to purchase uniform from a wider range of suppliers.

Framingham Earl High School and the Sapientia Education Trust fully support making school uniform affordable and accessible for all children, and we have reviewed and changed our school uniform to reflect the requirements outlined in the statutory guidance.

Second-hand uniform is available via the Facebook Group run by our Parents (Fram-Secondhand Uniform), at the EACH charity shop in Poringland or at Second hand sales in the school each term.  If parents/carers are looking for a second hand item and are unable to find it please contact the school and we will support in finding the right item and/or size.

Support for purchasing uniform for those families who are entitled to the Pupil Premium is coordinated via the SENDCo in conjunction with Birds of Dereham.  Please be in touch to organise support: SENDCO@fehs.set.education

Further support for families can be found locally - please click here for information


School uniform requirements


Branded Items

From September 2023 we are reducing the number of branded school uniform items required. These branded items will now also be available from multiple suppliers allowing parents to choose the most convenient and cost-effective solution for their needs.


There is no expectation that parents will need to replace branded items with non-branded items and students can continue to wear branded items that are no longer a requirement.


If you are struggling to access any item of uniform during the school year, please contact the school office for guidance and support.


Unbranded Items

Parents will need to ensure that uniform follows the school requirements which are provided below but can purchase uniform items from any retailer.

Second Hand Uniform Sale & Lost Property Collection:

We have half-termly lost property collection and second-hand uniform sales.

Lost Property that is uncollected will be taken to local charity shops.

Our Second Hand Uniform sale includes those items donated by families over recent months.  We are only able to accept cash for these items.

Uniform Protocol Spring 2023 Spring 2024 FEHS

Cost of school uniforms - GOV.UK (www.gov.uk)Trust-Uniform-Policy.pdf

Our uniform is available from our suppliers:

Birds of Dereham


Our uniform

Whilst we have reduced the requirement for branded uniform items, it is still important that or uniform policy is followed to provide a shared identity for all pupils in our school. Our behaviour policy provides further details of the systems and sanctions regarding uniform compliance.

A school uniform requirements list can be found in our uniform protocol.


Supermarkets and high street retailers (alphabetical)

This section provides links to a range of alternative retail and supermarket suppliers. Stock availability may vary depending on the supplier and time of year.


Aldi:                                        www.aldi.co.uk

Amazon:                               www.amazon.co.uk

Asda:                                     www.asda.com

John Lewis:                           www.johnlewis.com

Lidl:                                         www.lidl.co.uk

Marks and Spencer:         www.marksandspencer.com

Morrisons:                             www.morrisons.com

Next:                                      www.next

Sainsburys:                           www.sainsburys.com

Tesco:                                    www.tesco.com

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