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Our Guidance Team

Our Guidance Team is led by Mr Edwards. The Guidance Team aims to support students to achieve their potential at school through instigating actions that empower students to feel safe and secure.  Ensuring that ethos, expectations and procedures facilitate outstanding behaviour and safety is always a key goal for the team. Other pertinent Guidance Team actions and approaches are described below. 

The team will be proactive in preventing and dealing with incidents of bullying, discrimination and dangerous behaviour, by developing a climate where all students feel secure, valued and cared for.  Restorative approaches will be used to resolve issues, as appropriate. To promote mental and emotional health, the team will ensure that students have access to an appropriate range of support if they feel troubled, either within school or through external agencies. 

Emotional wellbeing contributes greatly to academic success. The team will ensure that students’ potential is recognised and barriers to students achieving their potential are identified and addressed.  

In helping students make a positive contribution to school life, the team will encourage students to take responsibility for their own actions and provide opportunities for them to have a voice within the school community.  At key periods of transition, such as Year 9 options and post 16 choices, effective and independent Careers Information, Advice and Guidance (CIAG) will help support decision making. Members will liaise effectively with the Careers Guidance Advisor (Debra Gray) as appropriate. Students will be encouraged to achieve their potential and be supported in this. 

Mr Edwards is supported by a team of Directors of Learning. These are: 



Contact details 

Mrs Millar 

Joint Director of Learning for Year 7  


Mrs Taylor 

Joint Director of Learning for Year 7  

Mr Keogh 

Director of Learning for Years 8 and 9  

Miss Chapman 

Director of Learning for Years 10 and 11  

Ms Stordy

Pastoral Worker for Years 7, 10 and 11  

Miss Long

Pastoral Worker for Years 7, 8 and 9  


Directors of Learning deal with the everyday thrills and spills in the lives of their students and are very important figureheads for each Year Group. They lead assemblies on a fortnightly basis, ensuring that all students have a consistent understanding of our expectations and of the values of the School. They celebrate success and challenge underachievement. Each term the Director of Learning will lead on a celebration assembly which rewards students for their hard work and dedication and commitment to their studies both in and outside of the classroom. Certificates are presented to these students by key members of staff.  Students receive ‘positive’ marks on Bromcom which results in a notification being sent home to parents and carers.  

Each student is part of a Form Group, led by their Tutor. Tutors play a vital role in the lives of students and are often the first point of contact for a variety of issues. At Fram we believe that strong and proactive tutorship can have a major positive impact on the lives of our students and successful school management. The Tutor knows their students very well. They spend part of every day with them, ensuring they are ready to learn; happy and fulfilled. They are often the first person a child will go to if they have a worry or something exciting to share. 

The daily Form period is filled with a range of activities, including a weekly quiz and a discussion around current issues, supported by resources from ‘Votes for Schools’. This period is also used for the development of literacy (KS3) and private study (KS4). Form Tutors keep Engagement Logs up to date, meaning that they know about the many activities children are involved in and can encourage greater participation. Form Tutors are key to ensuring there is easy communication between the home and school. Where possible, a child will retain the same Tutor throughout their time at school. 


We are striving to improve attendance and attainment. Our expectation is for all students to have 100% to achieve their potential academically and socially.  

The school recognises that poor attendance can be an indication of change in circumstances and difficulties in a family’s life. This may be related to problems at home and or in school. Parents are encouraged to inform school of any difficulties or changes in circumstances that may affect their child’s attendance and or behaviour in school, for example, bereavement, divorce/separation, incidents of domestic abuse. This will help the school identify any additional support that may be required. We also recognise that some students are more likely to require additional support to attain good attendance. The school will implement a range of strategies to support improved attendance. 

Parent/carers are asked to notify the school by telephone before 8.40am on the first day of their child’s absence from school. In the event that no such notification has been received by 8.40am, our first day calling procedures will be instigated.   

For holidays in term-time (this is not a given entitlement, holidays will not be authorised unless it is exceptional circumstances) a leave of absence form needs to be completed.

Leave of Absence Request Form 

It is a legal requirement to ensure your child secures regular school attendance. 


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