Homework & Independent Learning

Homework and Independent Learning

Homework is an integral part of the learning at Fram. It is designed to support the learning of knowledge and provide opportunities for independent practice. Students are encouraged to supplement their learning in the classroom and our curriculum maps for subjects can be found on the curriculum pages of the website within the Curriculum Subject Information: Curriculum Subject Information - Framingham Earl High School

Websites such as BBC Bitsize Secondary Homework Help | Online subjects - BBC Bitesize and Oak Academy Oak National Academy Online Classroom (thenational.academy) are excellent sources to supplement learning or to support with pre-learning or revision.

Homework Guidelines

Some subjects may set homework every week, and other choose longer stretches. Depending on the demands of the curriculum and age of the student, these homework demands may fluctuate at different times of the year. However, below is the maximum time commitment a student should be spending on homework. We believe the pressures of education should be balanced with a healthy lifestyle for all children:

Key Stage Three: No more than 4 hours a week in total, and no more than one hour on one piece of homework.

Key Stage Four: No more than 8 hours a week in total outside of class, not including revision sessions and during exam season.

Finally, we are encouraging all teachers to place work on Microsoft Teams in the relevant class. If your son or daughter is unable to come into school, but well enough to work, this is where they should look for class materials they may have missed, whilst using the Independent Learning Booklets and following the Curriculum Maps on the website.

For Key Stage 3 we have produced Independent Learning Booklets to give students opportunities to learn more about the subjects that inspire them. These can be found on the links below.

Homework and revision is even more important at Key Stage 4. There are a number of events throughout the year to support Year 10s and 11s to develop their revision and organization skills.

Accessing Teams and Bromcom

On the link below is the guide to accessing Homework @ Fram and Online Platforms. There is also the guide to support students accessing the Bromcom Student Portal, please see below. If you child has issues accessing their account, they should speak to their form tutor initially who can reset their password.

Student Portal Guide


Year 7 Independent Learning BookletYear 8 Independent Learning BookletYear 9 Independent Learning Booklet

Supporting your Child with Reading

KS3 Homework @ Fram and Online PlatformsKey Stage 4 Course Booklet 2022-2023

English Department KS4 Reading Suggestions

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