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The South Norfolk School Sport Partnership School Games is part of the national School Games which is a government programme designed to inspire young people to be physically active for life through positive experiences of daily activity and competition. The School Games is funded by Sport England and is FREE for all school to take part in.

All School Games events and experiences in South Norfolk are organised by Laura Goodswen (School Games Organiser).

Vision: Creating an energised culture across South Norfolk which inspires every young person to achieve their personal best and be physically active for life.

Mission: To provide a range of opportunities to schools in South Norfolk that create positive experiences for all young people to take part in PE, School Sport, and Physical Activity.

The School Games Organiser will offer schools a range of activities to achieve the following objectives:

1.            To grow school engagement in the School Games and their delivery of 60 active minutes.

2.            To create a positive experience of physical activity and competition with clear intents.

3.            To focus on secondary schools and transition points.

4.            To create experiences that support character development.

5.            To advocate how the School Games can make a meaningful difference.

The School Games will also provide opportunities and experiences that young people of all ages and abilities will enjoy. Rather than focussing on sporting outcomes (e.g., who wins/ loses) some activities will be designed to support the wider development of young people in the following areas.

  • Physical Development: Being active for at least 60 minutes a day supports young people to have immediate and long-term health benefits.
  • Personal Development: The School Games has a positive impact on young people’s personal development, such as developing their leadership skills and resilience.
  • Emotional Development: The School Games improves young people’s self-esteem, reduces stress, supports their mental wellbeing, and builds their resilience.
  • Social Development: The School Games provides a sense of belonging, enabling young people to develop their teamwork, communication, empathy, and respect for others.

All School Games experiences/ events aim to instil the School Games Values of passion, self-belief, respect, honesty, determination, and teamwork in pupils to supports school to achieve their broader whole school objectives.

The School Games has become a powerful movement for change in PE, school sport and physical activity. It removes barriers and improves access for all young people to represent their school and be part of the School Games.

To get involved contact Laura Goodswen South Norfolk School Games Organiser  or visit

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